How Adyen & Addmind Are Redefining Nightlife Payments?
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

How Adyen & Addmind Are Redefining Nightlife Payments?

It aims to modernise payment systems, enhance guest experiences, and streamline operations across popular nightlife and dining venues globally, starting in the UAE.

Adyen, which is a global financial technology platform, has announced a new partnership with Addmind. Addmind is a well-known hospitality group that's famous for its creative nightlife and dining experiences, especially in the UAE but also globally. This partnership aims to revolutionise the payment experience at Addmind’s various popular venues, including places like Clap, Sucre, Raspoutine, Iris, and Bar Du Port.

Addmind was struggling with outdated payment systems, which were causing operational inefficiencies and affecting the guest experience. They wanted a partner who could enhance the payment process while also tackling these inefficiencies. Adyen fit the bill perfectly. Through Adyen, Addmind managed to integrate with SevenRooms, a marketing and operations platform specifically designed for the hospitality industry. This integration helped reduce no-shows and allowed for preferred payment methods like American Express, which is a big deal.

Sander Maertens, who is the Head of Middle East at Adyen, mentioned that their collaboration focuses on simplifying payments for guests and reducing complexities for the staff, allowing them to concentrate more on the guests. Adyen’s solution combines e-commerce and in-person payments, streamlining operations, speeding up service, and reducing no-shows at Addmind’s venues.

Addmind has also started using Adyen's fully integrated point-of-sale system. This system includes a pay-at-table feature, which lets guests receive their bill, split it easily, and add tips directly from the payment device. This functionality has led to a significant increase in the average tip per table. These improvements are expected to boost operational efficiency, enhance guest interaction, and reduce the administrative burden on the staff.

Tony Habre, the CEO of Addmind, stated that their decision to partner with Adyen was driven by Adyen’s innovative e-commerce capabilities, seamless integration with payment terminals, and the agility of their team. This partnership has already led to noticeable improvements, such as fewer no-shows and faster service, which aligns perfectly with Addmind’s expansion plans.

As Addmind continues to grow with new openings like Clap London and Clap Ibiza, as well as other projects in the UAE and Europe, this partnership with Adyen’s global platform will be crucial. It will help streamline payment processes across all venues, ensuring a consistent and superior guest experience worldwide.