Geidea and Fils Makes Progress to Sustainable Finance in Landmark Partnership
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Geidea and Fils Makes Progress to Sustainable Finance in Landmark Partnership

Geidea, a fintech in the Middle East, collaborates with Fils, a climate-focused innovator, integrating carbon transparency and sustainable practices into digital transactions for a greener future.

Geidea, recognised as one of the top 25 Fintech companies by Forbes Middle East, has announced a partnership with Fils, a force in simplified climate action. This collaboration signifies a significant leap towards the digital payments landscape and a sustainable future.

The partnership follows Geidea's recent role as the official payment and POS provider for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, underscoring the company's commitment to sustainability. With this new venture, Geidea and Fils aim to embed sustainability into every facet of their activities, starting with the UAE's digital payments sector and extending beyond.

Merchants utilising Geidea's payment gateways will now be equipped to empower their customers by providing estimates of carbon emissions for specific transactions. Whether it's related to flights, rides, products, or shipping, customers can gain valuable insights into the environmental impact of their actions, boosting a culture of sustainability and informed decision-making.

As part of this transformative collaboration, Fils enables customers to seamlessly contribute to trusted carbon credit projects directly from any product interface, following an estimate of their carbon footprint. This streamlined process empowers users to actively support a greener future and reduce their carbon footprint effortlessly with every transaction.

Sailesh Malhotra, General Manager - GCC at Geidea, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "At Geidea, we are thrilled to continue leveraging our technology to contribute to impactful and tangible solutions. This partnership with Fils aligns with our mission to go beyond conventional payment services, introducing a new era where sustainability is integrated into the very fabric of digital transactions.”

Nameer Khan, founder and CEO of Fils, emphasised the significance of the collaboration, stating, “Our collaboration with Geidea is a significant step in Fils’ journey towards leading sustainable innovation in the global fintech landscape. Starting from the UAE, this partnership will extend regionally, reinforcing our commitment to ESG values across key regions.”

The partnership between Geidea and Fils to set new standards in sustainable finance, demonstrating that progress and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand. This visionary technology collaboration is expected to make a lasting impact on the global fintech landscape and make the way for more sustainable practices in the industry.