Emarat's Project: Making Way for Future Business Integration
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Emarat's Project: Making Way for Future Business Integration

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation – Emarat has launched 'Project Landmark', an initiative offering naming rights for its service stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The project aims to create partnerships, enhancing customer experiences and leading business growth.

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation has unveiled 'Project Landmark,' an initiative set to redefine the scenario of fuel station partnerships globally. The project, launched at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, provides companies and brands with an unprecedented opportunity to secure naming rights for located Emarat service stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

At the heart of 'Project Landmark' is the aim to establish a new model for partnerships, transcending traditional sponsorship arrangements. Emarat envisions integrating the business models of its partners within the service stations, with a focus on enhancing customer satisfaction and happiness.

The Director General of Emarat, His Excellency Eng. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, expressed pride in launching this innovative project, stating, "Project Landmark positions Emarat as a pioneer in adopting an innovative customer-centric model based on scientific research and feasibility studies. This project underscores our commitment to serving the UAE and elevating the presence of its business community."

'Project Landmark' not only expands the presence of local and international brands but also aligns with Emarat's efforts to support the UAE's advancement towards the future. The project aims to provide an innovative business platform for companies to reach customers and deliver valuable services that meet the high standards of excellence set by the UAE.

The initiative is expected to cement Emarat's position as an industry player, with a focus on creating an ecosystem that prioritises customers and recognises them as crucial contributors to Emarat's success. The project will also contribute to Dubai and the UAE's economic and investment landscape, boosting the region's attractiveness.

Emarat, with a legacy spanning over four decades, has been a trusted provider of services to millions of customers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The company's commitment to delivering exceptional services is evident through its adherence to the highest international and local health, safety, and environmental standards.

'Project Landmark' empowers partners to elevate their presence through long-term investment opportunities, offering exclusive access to service station users. Leveraging the locations and facilities of the service stations, partners will deliver services according to the highest standards, providing an unprecedented approach to engaging with customers.

With a network of more than 139 service stations equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including advanced vehicle washing services, Emarat remains dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The launch of 'Project Landmark' marks a significant step forward in Emarat's journey, placing it at the forefront of innovation within the oil and gas industry in the UAE and the wider region.