Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management issues new guidelines for hospitality sector
Mita Srinivasan
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Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management issues new guidelines for hospitality sector

New guidelines expands capacities for hotels, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues

In a special memo to all stakeholders, Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing shared new updates and precautionary measures from Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management for the hospitality sector effective 17 May 2021. According to the memo, these measures would be in effect for a month and could be extended if these are strictly adhered to and that the health and safety continues to improve in the UAE.

Under the new guidelines, a minimum distance of two meters and wearing of face masks are still mandatory but capacities for entertainment facilities can be increased to 70 percent and 100 percent for hotels.

The event industry that has been under strict lockdown is once again allowed to reopen under strict guidelines. Music concerts, community sports events, spectator events and social and institutional events will be allowed to open to 70 percent capacity on the condition that all members of audiences, participants and staff have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The maximum attendance for large public events that require permits is now 1,500 for indoor and 2,500 for outdoor.

The wedding sector especially can now expand attendance with a maximum of 100 attendees in venues (depending on capacity) and 30 at home provided all staff at the venues are vaccinated and strict social distancing and masks are maintained at all times.

Rhiannon Downie, Founder of, commented, “Today is the day many of us in the wedding industry have been waiting for, and while the restrictions are not ideal, they are a move in the right direction. Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management stressed the need for the community to fully adhere to the updated precautionary measures. One of the reasons weddings in particular were shut down and reduced to a maximum of 10 immediate family guests, after reopening, was due to clear violations of the rules put in place, so we at Bride Club ME ask that, in accordance to the new directives, please take this as a blessing and a step forward, and ensure you respect the rules and restrictions put in place, in order to avoid yet another blow to the industry.”

The rules also opened up for cafes, restaurants and bars allowing them to increase capacity and reduce distance between tables to two meters from three. Bars, however, like event venues, are only open to visitors that are fully vaccinated. Live entertainment and activities are allowed in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls for a trial period of one month, which may be extended further.

Naim Maddad, founder of Gates Hospitality and board member of Dubai Restaurant group, pointed out, "As the weather gets hotter, increased indoor capacity means that restaurants can now at least break even during the summer months that are traditionally slow. However, there is still a pandemic out there and while we are lucky in Dubai, we need to be mindful and respectful of the community health and safety guidelines.”

There has been no change to the number of people permitted on boats - the rules allow 60 percent capacity, as long as all precautionary measures are respected, including 2 metres between tables.