Dubai's ENOC Group launches 2 new digital ventures under its new accelerator programme
Priya Wadhwa
10x Industry

Dubai's ENOC Group launches 2 new digital ventures under its new accelerator programme

ENOC Group launched its accelerator programme "Next" in August 2019.

A month ago in August, Dubai’s ENOC Group announced the launch of its accelerator programme, Next. Now, it has announced two new digital ventures part of the accelerator — ENOC Link and Beema.

The two initiatives are designed to “unlock growth opportunities through disruptive innovation and strategic partnerships.”

ENOC Link is an innovative automotive refuelling service that has been launched with the aim of delivering fuel to car owners, villa communities, commercial premises and businesses across the UAE.

Beema, on the other hand, is a ground-breaking all-online vehicle insurance service that charges on a pay-per-kilometre basis. Through this scheme, customers who drive less than 20,000 kilometres a year can get up to 25 percent cash back. Moreover, customers will also get 24-hour accident recovery, guaranteed repairs and round-the-clock service.

The Chief Executive Office of Beema, Paolo Gagliardi said that Beema is about providing convenience and value for money to customers. The insurance policy would provide full coverage to people and give them the flexibility to have a product in line with their driving habits.

Garliardi also said that the insurance was designed keeping in mind the needs of the UAE market; which has people owning multiple cars, while some hardly driving while others do more than 50-100 on a daily basis.

Our new ventures, ENOC Link and Beema, are unique in their concepts as they are designed to provide customer-centric services catering to the rising demands of convenience within the sector. While these initiatives support the economic agenda of Dubai and the wider UAE, they also widen the horizons of innovative customer service and delivery.”
His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group Chief Executive Officer, ENOC

ENOC launched its Next accelerator to “enable the creation of innovative, disruptive digital businesses that contribute to the UAE’s future agenda and Dubai’s vision to be a global platform for knowledge-based and innovation-focused businesses,” said H.E. Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO of ENOC.

Both these initiatives are expected to become widely popular as customers who do not drive much or have multiple cars will be able to save money, as well as many others will be able to avoid long queues at fuel stations. There are other startups that are looking into the same space, such as Dubai-based CAFU. We're excited to see these new initiatives in action.