Dubai airport goes green with 15000 solar panels
Priya Wadhwa
10x Industry

Dubai airport goes green with 15000 solar panels

The project is now complete.

Dubai Airport Terminal 2 now has 15,000 solar panels—the largest solar energy system at an airport in the region—that will reduce its carbon emissions by 3,243 metric tonnes and save AED 3.3 million in electricity bills annually.

The solar project has a capacity of 5 megawatts capable of generating 7,483,500 kWh of energy per year.

The biggest highlight of this project is that it will save 3,243 metric tonnes of carbon emissions annually—equivalent to 53,617 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

“Dubai Airports has undertaken a variety of green initiatives over the past several years to limit our carbon footprint and support Dubai’s goal for a 30 per cent reduction in the city’s energy consumption by 2030.”
Michael Ibbitson, Executive Vice-President, Infrastructure and Technology, Dubai Airports,

The project is part of Shams Dubai, a smart initiative by DEWA to promote clean renewable energy sources, which also installs solar panels on useable rooftops in Dubai.

This is just one of the many solar energy initiatives by Dubai. Considering Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest airport, this solar project is a great and much welcomed initiative towards reducing our impact on the environment. We hope many airports around the world follow suit.