DIFC FinTech Hive welcomes 31 startups in its 2019 cohort
Priya Wadhwa
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DIFC FinTech Hive welcomes 31 startups in its 2019 cohort

International startups commenced the accelerator programme this week.

This week, 31 FinTech startups from across the world have commenced their three-month journey in the third edition of DIFC FinTech Hive's accelerator programme. The current cohort is 41 percent bigger than that of 2018, which saw 22 startups join the programme.

The 2019 cohort is seeing startups from a broader scope of the tech industry, including many artificial intelligence and healthcare startups. Almost half of the selected 31 are from the wider FinTech sector, including four specialising in the Islamic FinTech sector, ten in the InsurTech sector, and two in the RegTech sector.

The finalists for the FinTech Hive accelerator programme 2019 are:

  1. AECA | Singapore

    AECA provides A.I. enterprise solutions for healthcare, helping reduce costs, maximise revenue and efficiency.

  2. AuditXPRT Limited | UK

    AIXPRT works with clients across four continents to reduce the time, effort and cost of assuring compliance and risk by up to 90% using unique tailored AI solutions.

  3. Azakaw | UAE

    Azakaw enables financial services firms globally to comply with regulations and improve profitability.

  4. BodyO | UAE

    BodyO is unique Health and Wellness holistic solution pioneering 4P Health care: Predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory. It aims to reduce exorbitant health expenditures by simplifying the patient journey and practicing prevention rather than care.

  5. Clear Quote | India

    ClearQuote app uses AI to provide accurate estimates covering repair, repainting and replacement costs of damages on a car.

  6. Crayon Data | Singapore

    Crayon Data an ambitious, fast-growing AI startup; created maya.ai, a patented, cloud-based AI mark-up language platform. It enables enterprises that operate in the physical world to recapture ownership of customers and drive customer journey, using AI led digital personalisation.

  7. DAPI | UAE

    Dapi is an open banking API that helps FinTech applications to connect instantly with banks across MENA to initiate payments.

    In addition to being part of DIFC FinTech Hive, DAPI is also part of ADGM's RegLab and Plug and Play accelerator.

  8. Eazy Financial Services | Bahrain

    Eazy Financial brings biometric technologies and innovative solutions to the banking and financial services industries utilising a new era of secured and convenient transaction experience.

  9. FinFirst | Kuwait

    FinFirst is the region’s first digital lending aggregator that pairs SMEs with banks and NBFIs fully automating KYC/AML, loan fulfilment and credit scoring. It significantly curtails the laborious processing cost of loan applications and generates new customer channels for lenders, increasing transparency and simplicity for borrowers.

  10. Hakbah | Saudi Arabia

    Hakbah is an Islamic FinTech startup specialised in cooperative savings with a mission to renovate and digitise traditional financial practices.

  11. HelloGold | Malaysia

    HelloGold is the world’s first Shariah compliant gold mobile application that enables clients to save and redeem physical gold from their phone.

  12. i3systems | India

    i3systems is an Indian AI startup specialising in medico-financial data science, helping insurers enhance customer experience and reduce costs.

  13. Intain FinTech | Singapore

    IN-D is an AI Powered Op-Bot that digitises, classifies and reads documents in image form thereby making business operations faster, cheaper and accurate.

  14. IslamiChain | UAE

    IslamiChain leverages Blockchain Technology to address challenges that currently limit Islamic giving’s effectiveness.

  15. Jubi.ai | UAE

    Jubi is a superbot specialist for financial services globally with an industry-leading NLP, conversational RPA and Human+AI self-learning system. With JubiMoney, we are taking the cause of financial inclusion ahead in Asia.

  16. KASKO | UK

    KASKO designs, launches and scales digital insurance products within 4 weeks without re-prioritisation of internal IT.

  17. Krowd | UK

    Krowd helps banks improve customer loyalty and spend by analysing card spend and sending cardholders highly targeted offers.

  18. LEAP FinTech | UAE

    LEAP FinTech provides building technology solutions to scale, safeguard, and speed up account opening in financial institutions.

  19. Medyear | USA

    Medyear makes it easy for consumers to take control of their health information; Medyear provides a consumer health information exchange, with connectivity across a million medical professionals, and hundreds of health systems.

  20. Monimove | UAE

    Monimove is a FinTech introducing B2B Supply chain finance platform solving the Credit Operational Risk for Gov. Banks with their clients.

  21. NEO MENA Technologies | UAE

    NEO MENA is leading FinTech Company focused on digital wealth management solutions to empower incumbent financial institutions to distribute products & services digitally.

  22. Okanii | Canada

    Okanii is the global standard of digitised value. Our platform brings true efficiency, scalability, security/trust and interoperability to the banking and payments world for every asset type and use-case.

  23. Prime Factor | Belgium

    Prime Factor is a niche consulting and software firm that focuses on the common ground between I.T., actuarial, pensions and insurance.

  24. Seyula.io | UAE

    Seyula provides a platform that enables applications to connect to their users bank accounts.

  25. Statys | UAE

    Statys delivers API-first micro-services for loan origination and risk analytics, powered by artificial intelligence.

  26. Upswot | Ukraine

    Upswot is the white-label on-boarding platform designed to make the paperless loan & insurance application process; On top of that, to automate underwriting, pre-scoring, and ongoing tracking of all crucial events based on data from ERP, accountancy and eCommerce systems SME use.

  27. UPUP | Czech Republic

    UPUP is a B2B solution for banks, who want to expand a customer base and get children as new clients. This is the payment card for a kid and a mobile application to learn finance with gamification. UPUP helps to acquire new customers from their childhood and keeps all the family in one bank.

  28. Uqudo | UAE

    Uqudo provides frictionless customer experience from Paperless/ Formless on boarding to fully mange customer interactions.

  29. Wally | USA

    Wally makes it easy for people to track all their bank accounts and bills, set budgets, organise documents, and sync joint accounts.

  30. Wethaq Capital Markets | UAE

    Wethaq is the fintech platform for the structuring, primary issuance, administration, and distribution of securities in sukuk capital markets.

  31. ZappyAI | UK

    Zappy provides 30 times faster Robotic Process Automation and believes in harvesting of full potential to create the faster competitive edge for businesses.

During the three-month programme, the startups will work closely with DIFC FinTech Hive's stakeholders and representatives from various fields to create innovative and forward-looking solutions with the aim to address the evolving needs of the region’s financial services industry.

This year’s 31 startups will be supported by strategic partner Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC) and digital transformation partner Etisalat.

In addition, The 21 participating partners who will mentor the start-ups include Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), Emirates Islamic, Emirates NBD, Finablr, HSBC, National Bank of Fujairah, Noor Bank, Riyad Bank, Standard Chartered, and Visa, as well as associate financial institution partners Arab Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB).

The InsurTech startups will also work with leading insurance players including Cigna Insurance Middle East S.A.L., MetLife, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (DIFC), AIG, and Noor Takaful (Ethical Insurance), amongst others.

The three-month programme will culminate with an Investor Day where the participating startups will be able to pitch their business plans to raise investments.