Can Your Transactions Save the Planet? New Partnership Says Yes!
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Can Your Transactions Save the Planet? New Partnership Says Yes!

This partnership enables climate action with every payment, transforming everyday transactions into eco-friendly contributions across the MENA region.

There's this new partnership happening between two companies in the MENA region. One is CarbonSifr, which is a climate tech company known for its work on environmental initiatives, and the other is MyFatoorah, a fintech company famous for its advanced payment solutions.

Basically, they’ve teamed up to integrate climate action into everyday financial transactions. What this means is that whenever someone uses MyFatoorah's payment system—like when you pay for a meal at a restaurant, book a hotel, or buy eco-friendly products—you can easily contribute to climate initiatives. It's a way for both businesses and consumers to make a positive impact on the environment with each transaction they make.

Mustafa Bosca, the Chief Decarbonisation Officer at CarbonSifr, said that this partnership is crucial because it makes it super easy for people to take climate action regularly. He mentioned that they're already converting thousands of transactions into climate-positive actions every day, and MyFatoorah’s secure and efficient fintech solutions will help them reach even more people across the region.

On the other side, Sait Halici, the Chief Revenue Officer at MyFatoorah, expressed excitement about this collaboration. He said that by integrating climate action into their payment solutions, they can help businesses seamlessly adopt eco-friendly practices, which is something both companies are really passionate about.

In summary, this partnership is a big deal because it leverages financial technology to promote environmentally friendly economic practices. It means that every time you make a transaction using MyFatoorah, you're not just supporting financial growth but also contributing to environmental efforts.