Business Un-usual
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

Business Un-usual

In the UAE, follow these key sites to stay informed, updated and ensure business continuity

Information and data are crucial for any business. With the added restrictions of business lockdown, and a pandemic raging around the world (with a glimmer of some hope in a few countries), we need to stay well informed. Locally in the UAE, we really need to follow these key sites to stay informed, updated and ensure business continuity:

To stay updated on the virus and other regulations, follow Weqaya which consolidates all the UAE announcements in one place. Launched byt The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, the Weqaya platform is designed to raise awareness on public health issues among the members of the society in the United Arab Emirates across various fields. You can follow them on social media too.

The UAE has done a wonderful job of digitizing their systems but the growing spread of the virus and the lockdown and social distancing regulations has meant that they have stepped it up a notch. Now you can access all government services – whether Dubai specific or federal - in one place. It consolidates all the various services with links to the individual site.

To tap into business insights from experts and peers, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched Business Connect in partnership with Entrepreneur Middle East to share resources and information or join our “Ask the Expert” series of live Q&A and pose your questions. So far, we have tackled legal and HR and plan to cover a few others.

If you have members of your team stuck outside the UAE, check out the resources and the information on the Twajudi site. There are separate tracks for residents and Emiratis.

If you have any other sites that you are following, share them with us.