Abu Dhabi Sets the Stage for Future Investments with Investopia 2024 Success
Mokshita P.
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Abu Dhabi Sets the Stage for Future Investments with Investopia 2024 Success

Investopia 2024, held in Abu Dhabi, concluded with a focus on a new investment roadmap for emerging sectors. Over 40 discussions featured leaders and experts, resulting in 15 agreements for collaboration in innovative fields. The fourth edition is set for 2025.

The recently concluded third edition of Investopia 2024, a two-day global investment summit held on February 28 and 29 in Abu Dhabi, drew to a successful close with a focus on charting a new investment roadmap. The event, attended by business communities, decision-makers, investors, and global financial institutions, emphasised the importance of sustainable economic development and collaboration between the government and private sectors to address global economic challenges.

Investopia 2024 delved into key themes, particularly spotlighting emerging industries in promising markets. The discussions highlighted the importance of directing global investment flows towards human capital, infrastructure, fintech, clean energy, circular and creative economies, and the health and AI sectors. The event also underscored the boost of economic diversification and the development of legislation and policies to enhance the flexibility and competitiveness of global economies.

Over 40 panel discussions and roundtables, featuring leaders, ministers, decision-makers, major investors, entrepreneurs, and economists, contributed to shaping the future of the global investment landscape. With more than 80 speakers engaging over 2,700 participants from around the world, the event provided a platform to explore investment trends, opportunities, and challenges in future economy sectors.

Investopia 2024 saw the signing of more than 15 agreements and MoUs with both national and global institutions and companies. These agreements aimed at boosting the exchange of experiences and best practices in innovative and creative fields, enhancing cooperation for the upcoming Investopia 2025.

One highlight of the event was the launch of the second edition of the Future 100 initiative, a collaborative effort by the Ministry of Economy and the Government Development and the Future Office. The initiative aims to support businesses operating in future economy sectors. Participants in the Future 100 initiative had the opportunity to connect with global investors and stay informed about the latest investment trends through their participation in Investopia 2024.

Investopia 2024 was organised in cooperation with prominent entities such as Mubadala Investment Company, ADQ, Crypto.com, Standard Chartered, Citibank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Emirates Development Bank, the Global Forum for Entrepreneurship and Investment SALT, and the iConnections platform.

Looking forward, the fourth edition of Investopia is scheduled to take place on February 26 and 27, 2025, promising to further contribute to the future of global investments.