Abu Dhabi Chamber Develops Advocacy Hub for Private Sector Innovation and Growth
Mokshita P.
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Abu Dhabi Chamber Develops Advocacy Hub for Private Sector Innovation and Growth

Private sector engagement initiative aims to enhance business environment. Forty working groups to be formed to address challenges and propose solutions. Chamber leaders affirm commitment to supporting sustainable development.

To fortify the collaboration between the private sector and government agencies, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has introduced the Advocacy Hub initiative. This endeavor encompasses all facets of the private sector, aiming to increased engagement and positive transformations within the business ecosystem.

The primary objective of the Advocacy Hub is to provide unwavering support and empowerment to the private sector, creating an avenue for communication between businesses and government entities. By amplifying the voice of the private sector, the initiative seeks to encourage constructive dialogue, explore significant developments within the business community, propose innovative solutions to overcome challenges, and establish a platform for generating ideas and recommendations on policies and legislation.

Through this initiative, the ADCCI is set to deliver an array of exceptional services, solidifying its role as a leading advocate for the private sector. In the initial phase of the launch, businesses spanning various commercial, investment, and industrial sectors will be invited to participate. The formation of Communal Working Groups in diverse economic activities will be proposed, addressing business interests and enhancing competitive capabilities. The Chamber intends to continually assess the private sector's position, identify ongoing challenges, and provide practical solutions to effect positive changes that serve the interests of companies, ultimately supporting sustainable development in the Emirate.

The second phase of the Advocacy Hub initiative will witness the formation of 40 Communal Working Groups, representing various economic activities based on proposals received from businesses. This marks a unique approach to interaction and private sector involvement in decision-making processes.

His Excellency Abdulla Mohamed Al Mazrui, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, emphasized the initiative's alignment with the wise leadership's directives, aiming to cooperation and establish a genuine partnership between the public and private sectors. The ultimate goal is to preserve and advance the achievements made in Abu Dhabi's comprehensive development.

“The initiative will contribute to empowering the private sector, solidifying its role in boosting competitiveness of the business environment, leading to strengthening its position as the preferred destination for doing business by 2025," said Al Mazrui. "This will be achieved by affording the private sector with opportunities to participate in decision-making and contribute to the formulation of legislations that support the growth and prosperity of the business sector.”

His Excellency Ahmed Khalifa Al Qubaisi, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, affirmed that the initiative will create a supportive environment for Working Groups, be they sectoral or representing economic activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. He highlighted the importance of these groups in advancing the collective goals of the Emirate’s business community amidst the rapidly evolving local, regional, and global economic landscape.

“The Abu Dhabi Chamber will continue to launch initiatives and projects that will contribute to improving the Emirate's business ecosystem, and provide appropriate support to entrepreneurs and businessmen so that they can thrive in an effective and sustainable economic environment,” Al Qubaisi added.